Thursday, April 29, 2010

Never gonna stop the rain by complain'

I've had so much of nothing going on lately that I haven't blogged at all. The dog got sick, my brother got sick, the little bird got sick and the big bird goes to the vet today. I'm working on another abscess in my mouth, have a sore INside my nose (ouch), continue to get tired without any great effort, and achy in all the wrong places.

This week I subjected myself to another "endiot" (endocrinologist who is an idiot). I was really hopeful that this one might be a good one. I swear, I think some of these doctors have gone to a CE seminar called "How to Tell an Unconvincing Lie: Inventive ways of telling a patient that you think they're stupid." So, this well educated physician would have me believe that  in the last year I've suddenly become increasingly hypersensitive to testosterone (despite my having abnormally low levels). Naturally that is what is causing me to grow a lovely beard on one side of my chin/neck. In addition they would like me to accept that there are healthy pre-menopausal women who are even hyper-sexual with testosterone levels in the low single digits (normal levels for testosterone for women, while debated in many arenas, are soundly in the mid double digits).

I now realize my mistake... while I would rather avoid ever having to go to another endocrinologist if I can help it, I need to stfu and force them to talk more. I really dislike the arrogance of some doctors assuming that just because I have walked into their office that I want them to assume my care. I don't want to work with a doctor that doesn't run a patient centered practice, isn't willing to look in depth at the train-wreck that is my medical history, and seriously thinks that a 20 minute consult is sufficient for a new patient intake.

I'm borrowing an illustration from my friend Erella Ganon

I think that about covers it.

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