Monday, April 04, 2011

Fail-o-rama and a Blind Date

So much for posting daily. Sitting down and writing out a coherent thought was a little bit beyond me the last few days.

We've been taking a crash course in learning to read Hebrew. Learning to read a language without really understanding it is something that has always baffled me and is why I got kicked out of Hebrew School when I was a kid. So in class on Sunday the teacher got to the letter that makes a "P" sound. As she went though reading it with the various vowel sounds and got to "oo" husband and I were compelled to look at each other and simultaneously say "She said 'poo'" and then we both were failing miserably at not giggling madly. Yup, we're soul mates.

 In other news: It's probably time to watch an episode of Hoarders again and get inspired to get rid of more stuff. We live in a two bedroom place, but it's itty bitty. We had intended that the second bedroom would be a craft/hobby room for both of us. We now call it "The Crap Room". There is so much stuff in there that neither one of us like to go in there anymore.

Too much of what I have is just taking up space. I need to say:  "I'm not ever going to get to this," and send it out into the world to fend for itself. What hangs me up is the variety of people who then tell me " should sell that on (insert name of your favorite internet shopping site)". I am NOT fond of the main internet selling crap place. And while I like I still have to take and post pictures. Every time this happens I start to think... maybe I should try to sell this stuff, we could use the money. And then nothing happens for another three months.

Saw a new doctor. Meeting a new doctor always feels like I'm going on a blind date. You hope that the person you're meeting is friendly, has a sense of humor, is smart, doesn't act like a pompous jerk and is interested in what you have to say. I now force my husband to come along like a chaperone. This really cuts down on the abusive behavior of the assholes... although we've met some real class A jerks.

This date went pretty well and I guess I'm gonna be seeing this M.D. a few more times in the near future and I'm ardently hoping that we don't get to the "there's something wrong but I don't know what to do for you" place.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Does this count?

I said that I wanted to start posting daily. So I guess I better do this before I forget again.

Today I was reminded of how mean and nasty some people are and how they can rationalize their narrow-mindedness and unkind treatment of other human beings as righteous behavior.  There are so many people in this world that are just unable to show a shred of humanity to those that need it the most, and then they claim that this is okay because the people they're debasing are somehow the dregs of society.

Maybe, just maybe... if someone bothered to respect their humanity they might have a chance.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Second Verse Same as the First

Really overdue to update this thing... I think I will challenge myself to post every day until my next surgery is scheduled.

Yesterday I went to meet a new (to me) endocrinologist. I'm hoping that she will be someone good to work with. She listened, was baffled by my need to avoid things that would prevent me from getting a diagnosis but make me feel better, and was still willing to go forward for now. She ordered a lot of labs and as soon as I get those done I'll make my next appointment with her.

As things stand right now we're moving forward to another pituitary surgery. It's really the only option that I have unless I want to go on with the way things are. I'm looking into seeing if I can get a doctor to do some additional labs that are really only for research purposes but might answer some questions that have no answer right now. Of course there's always the chance that it will just confuse everything more. Yay me.

Next up is this test that is kind of like an angiogram but not at all like an angiogram. They'll insert catheters into my femoral vein at the groin on both sides and thread those catheters up to an area behind my eyes called the inferior petrosal sinuses. If you're bored or really interested you can read more about it here: BIPSS

The last time I had this done the radiologist was not very experienced (the word liar comes to mind) and he was very irresponsible with the amount of radiation I was exposed to. I experienced mild radiation burns in two areas and my hair fell out. The doctor that will be doing it this time has more experience. He also nearly jumped out of his chair when I told him how much "focused fluoroscopy time" I was exposed to. It was nice to see someone not try to pretend that something I knew was ill-advised was okay.

In the meantime the next thing I'm to do is see a cardiologist because my blood pressures have been doing some disconcerting things of late... on top of the chest pains and feelings of irregular heart beats that I've been trying to ignore for years now because the problems are intermittent and previously they were unable to find a cause.

And today... the hot water heater quit. So we'll be dining out (yay! no dishes to wash!) until that fixed and going to the gym to take showers I guess... I mean, who needs a shower? Microwave sponge baths!