Friday, July 18, 2008

Love until it hurts, then love a little more.

This is Molly Marie. She is one special little lady. She's probably part border collie, but she's afraid of sheep. She showed a mild interest in herding ducks until one of the ducks charged her. Then she ran away, tail between her legs. Herding is not her "thing", people are.

When we used to take her to the dog park she'd be excited as all heck until she remembered, OMG... there's DOGS at the DOG PARK!

The only time I've ever seen her act aggressive is toward other dogs. Especially any so rude as to smell her! After running away from a dog park toward a busy street we gave up on that idea too.

Molly is Daddy's girl. Not that she dosen't love me too, but she's all about my husband. Has been since we brought her home from the shelter. The contortions she will go through to sneak into his lap are worthy of a master yogi.

Everyone that meets her just swoons over her. She's has such an expressive face, it's hard not to. Maybe someday I'll tell you Molly's whole story. But for today, what we're dealing with is the fact that Molly's heart is no longer able to do its job very well. And that's saying a lot for a dog that has been nothing but a love sponge for as long as I've known her.
Molly is the first dog I've ever cared for that had a sense of humor. She actually tells jokes (although you have to be there to get it). Once she tried to cram herself into the crate that I use for my parrot just to make me laugh.

She's also hugely stubborn, and quite possibly smarter than we are about a number of things.
When asked to do something she doesn't want to, like come into the house when she's not quite done worshiping the sun, she performs the best passive resistance demonstration ever. She goes completely limp and cannot hear you at all. She melts. Of course if you stop paying attention to her she eventually complies.

As you can see Molly is not our only dog. But none of us can imagine our lives without her right now. We're hoping that some medication will make the next years of her life (and we hope that there will be many of them) healthier.

And not just because she's such a good sport about modeling my knitting...

but because of the amazing, personable and clever being she is. Knowing her has enriched me, and I'm not ready for that relationship to end.

I think she still has a thing or two to teach to me, and a joke or two up her doggie sleeve.

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Megan said...

She's a very beautiful dog.

You're very lucky.