Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm a little tied up right now...

I learned how to crochet when I was in grade school. But, what I've always really wanted to do was knit. Now that I have all this lack of energy and motivation to go places or do things I finally got back on that horse and rode it.

I'm knitting!

Thanks to the help of my local SnB and the wonder of the interwebs and great websites like I'm making progress.

I've also taken to knitting things for random people. I'm weird like that. It took me a bit to find just the right green for my favorite pharmacy technician, but I finally did and knit him a hat. Maybe having a warm head will cheer him up a bit... no, I'm just kidding, his face is stuck like that.

I felt so cool when he said the hat was "sick" (heh, just like me!) and announced that it was his new favorite hat. I rock.

Now for socks... the true reason I want to knit. I've knit a pair of slipper socks for me and a matching pair for Rob using a self patterning yarn. I'm starting a project with actual sock yarn, going to knit a sweater for myself and at some point soon start learning the magic they call "color work".

Things with Count Rugen are more or less on hold in the meantime. Despite having a neurosurgeon and one endocrinologist that think I should evict him surgically . Since I don't have a rock solid diagnosis they can't give me a concrete answer about how they'll know I'm "cured". What with the risks involved and at best there being only a 60% chance of remission from one surgery, I've been looking for more answers before we do that. Right now my primary care doctor and I working on applying for a study at The National Institutes of Health.

Besides, I've got two other endocrinologists that seem to think I'd be better off waiting to get sicker. Isn't that nice of them? On the days that I'm too tired, or my brain is too fried, to even lay-a- bed and knit I look forward to getting sicker to please medical science.

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