Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Where do my days go?

I had planned on a moderately productive day yesterday...

I did finally use this pet hair squeegee thing I have to assault the area rug in the living room... whoo hoo! What an adventure. And by the end of squeegeeing the rug I felt sick, so I wasn't surprised when I took my heart rate and found it to be over 150. No wonder I didn't feel right. Nothing like excercizing my fat self into a heart attack, eh? Unless you've squeegeed an area rug felted with dog hair you have no idea what FUN exercise this can be!

I need to study for a medication math test that I have to take at my job before I can go to work "on the floor". Yeah, didn't study for that. Didn't do the laundry. Didn't do the dishes. Didn't even make it to the chiropractor on time.

What I did do was visit blogs. Oh, and vacuum, I did vacuum. But mostly I visited the blog that inspired me to start this one, and some of her friends blogs, like Knit Kitty Knit. So now you can visit and wonder where your day went too.

Agenda for today: Actually do laundry. Actually do dishes. Actually study for test. But first... find the top of the desk.

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