Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Herding Cats

I haven't posted in a while because I've been trying to create some routine around here now that Baby Girl is staying with us for a while. But, if you didn't guess from the title there, I feel like I'm trying to do the impossible most days.

Still, most days things go pretty smoothly. The kid is fascinated by the birds and the birds, well... they're not so sure about her.
But I figure as long as everyone keeps their distance from each other we'll be fine. And some day, when our hearts have recovered from the empty place that she'll leave once she's moved on to be with her biological family, the parrot will imitate her scream or her laugh and remind us of how much a part of our lives she once was.
In the meantime Molly is my chief childcare assistant. For some reason Baby Girl finds her laughing her ass off funny. Baby Girl plays in the excer-saucer that was gifted to her by a kind stranger and laughs and laughs at Molly watching her.

Molly has been diagnosed with (among other things) congestive heart failure (CHF). I'll try to keep you posted on her progress, we're going to be trying some new meds with her to improve her heart function.

And Dobby... poor Dobby kitty...
he's getting quite good at finding new places to stay out of the way of The Usurper (as we think the pets would call her if they could). He's adjusting, just not as quickly as the dogs.

Me, I wouldn't be managing any of this without the miracle of "better living through chemistry" as we like to call it. I leave for the National Institutes of Health this weekend. I hope that while I'm there they'll figure out exactly what this tumor on my pituitary gland is doing, and point me in the direction of regaining my health.
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