Saturday, August 20, 2005

I can't see a thing with this stethoscope in my ears.

Hello. Were you here? Did any invisible friends come to visit while I was gone? I'm sorry... I was away having my brains scrambled by my first nursing job.


Uh huh, yeah... that lasted just a few days over three months.

So after spending countless (actually it was about 40) hours doing uncompensated self-study training packets and multiple shifts where I had a total of over 25 preceptors, I found myself in the oh-so-enviable position of having to resign or be fired.

Some idiot claiming to be a Rocket Scientist decided that having someone try to learn to do a job that they've never done before by training with different people all the time, the bulk of whom have never received training in how to train someone is the best way to do things. Naturally this is even better when the work in question is undeniably different from anything the new person studied for!

At first I managed. Toward the end of the first month the who-told-you-to-do-it-that-way's started to make me a little defensive. By the end of the second month the few people that would let me attempt to do my job, despite their having never worked with me before, were often a trying experience in and of itself. They were often the ones that would seemingly vanish leaving me with no resources.

The woman that was telling me what to do, how to do it and in what order, before I could even take my first breath on the clock, was causing me to have not so Christian thoughts. Whatever it was that I did to piss her off was my undoing. The new nurse has no credibility against the nurse with some two decades of tenure.

So now I have all this wonderful free time to have appointments with the endocrinologist that is my best hope of figuring out why my body is being so damn weird. In the meantime I'm NEVER, and I do mean NEVER EVER, having an MRI of my brain without prior sedation. I know you're dying to ask... yes, they found one in there.

Pardon me while I go lie down for a bit... being flat is the only way that I feel halfway decent these days. Good thing I've got the new Harry Potter book to read, being sick is handy for that at least.

I can't help but laugh at it all... after all, it could be worse :) I have some savings, DH has a job and I find the whole thing oddly amusing... I have to laugh at it all, the alternative is unacceptable.


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